Welcome to Gems in this realm you will find infomation on gems and metal what they are meaning and how to take care of them.

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Let's start with Gems. I will be listing mainly the gems I have used in my jewellery. There are so many beautiful gems out there just too many to list.  But be sure I will be adding more as I go along.

 Gem Stone Picture  Crystal system  Colours  Meaning  Types    
 Agate    Agate is formed from minerals and is part of the Quartz family.          
 Amethyst    Is part of the Qyartz family          
Lapis Luzil              
Tiger eye              








 Silver Plated  Pic  Silver plated means that a base metal such as copper or other metals are thinly covered in silver.      
 Gold plated  Pic  Gold plated means that a base metal like copper or silver are thinly covered.      
 Sterling Silver  Pic Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver combined with 7.25% of another metal alloy such as copper or  zinc. Pure silver or fine silver contains 99.9% of pure silver.  Pure silver is too soft to use on its own. Sterling silver will always be halled marked. It varies from country to country manufacture to manufacture.      
 Gold carts  Pic

Gold are made up of gold mixed with other alloy metal. Carats measures how much gold there is in the metal. The other metals are made up with a combination of alloy's, this can determine the unique appearance like its colour.

9ct    contains 37.5% of pure gold. Stamped either 375, 9ct, 9kt or 9k
14ct  contains 58.5% of pure gold Stamped either 585, 14ct, 14kt or 14k
18ct  contains 75%    of pure gold Stamped either 750, 18ct, 18kt, or 18k

There are 3 different colours of gold. Yellow, white and rose.

White Gold Pic        
Titanium Pic Is the hardest of all metals with a silver greyish colour to it. Titanium is a natural element and is extremly strong. This metal is 100% hypo-allergenic so can be worn by anyone.      
Platinum Pic Platinum is a white metal which approx 95% of it is platinum. It is long wearing and is a dense and heavy metal.      
Rhodium Pic Rhodium is used to plate over other white metal such as white gold to give it that lovely white colour. Although Rhodium is a very hard metal it does wear away eventually.      
 Copper  Pic        
 Brass  Pic        
 Alloy  Pic        
Pewter Pic