''I do what I love, I love what I do''    

One woman's dream to get creative

Nithria is  inspired by everyday surroundings, colours and shapes.

Ha Ha that is my motto in life. My quote first derived when I was making cards and I needed something a little extra.

When I started

Nearly a decade ago,  sometime around 2008  A year after I became a mum for the first time, and not looking to go back into the 9 to 5, I started Nithria. A handmade business that fueled my love for creativity which gave me the platform to share my love to create with the world.

How I started

''I studied a  fashion jewellery making course,however my first introduction to craft came after university whilst looking for work.  I started to design cards to send off for publishing. I abandonded that idea temporarily and ended up going to work. I further left work to start my own business locally. A few years after that, I became pregnant and after a year I took the opportunity to start my own handmade business.11 years later Nithria was born.


I have worked extremely hard in attracting my customer base and now has customers from all over the UK and Ireland and Euope.

I have been commissioned many jewellery and card orders, which has been received well and has led on to more commissioned pieces.



Hello my name is Wenona

I am the founder of Nithria London handmade for you. Every item I make, I make with individuals in mind. Mothers, fathers, teens, entrepreneurs , brides. Every single product is made with love and is testament that I love what I do and I do what I love.

Handmade Cards

For my cards I like to make a wide selection from prints, decopage and other styles to make my  cards a gift in itself.

Handmade Jewellery

I use a range of beads. Glass, semi precious stones such as lapis Luzil, fresh water pearls, jade, swarovski crystals and much more. As well as silver plated, gold plated and silver components.

With customers in mind

I focus on making each product as though each one is a special gift. Whether the item is bought for yourself or someone else you will feel special.